Sexy girl is swimming in money

Do you heard this expression that “she is swimming in money”? Well this lovely asian girl exactly doing like this. She is in the pool and wears nice blue swimsuit and much wet money around her. Of course she is not very happy. When you lend money to your friends than many times you need to be violent that you get it back and your friend get the needle. Maybe some crazy friend of this girl was very angry and threw her money into the pool so she had to get it together. After this situation she will go home and dry this money with her hair dryer. I think this was the last time that she lend money to anyone. 

Scarlet bikini and pool

Sexy girl wears scarlet coloured bikini. She is in the pool now and enjoys the nice cold water. Maybe very hot outside because here is the summer so she went to the pool nearby her home. This is very good idea don’t you think? Almost every big city has at least one pool so you can go there on weekend like this sexy girl.

Pink bikini on the sofa

Lovely asian girl wears sexy pink bikini. She is at the window and kneeling a white leather sofa. Maybe she is at home now but ready for her vacation. Of course she wants go to the beach but she doesn’t know which bikini is perfect for her thats why she try it. I think that this pink bikini is perfect for her. This pink bikini is good for her eyes, hair styles and her lovely smile so she will be popular on the beach. Well, here is the time that she put everything in her suitcase because her airplane will fly tomorrow morning so she need some beauty sleep before the travel.

Daydream and purple bikini

Lovely asian girl wears purple bikini. She has very beautiful long brown hair and looks like she is daydreaming. Maybe she want to go outside or go to the beach but too early or very hot outside and she need to wait. This is her summer vacation and she wants enjoy every minute but sometimes better if you stay in the hotel or your accommodation. Just relax! Order one nice fruit cocktail from the room service or make it yourself, take an interesting book and enjoy!

Pool party at home

Sexy asian girl wears a nice black and red swimsuit. Maybe she is at home on her vacation. Very hot outside so her first idea was that go to the beach or pool but after she changed her mind. The beach is very far so she make a pool party at home. So first she took the kid’s pool and fill up with water. After she prepare some drink and snacks and take a good book. If everything is ready than start the pool party. She has some free hour before her children come back from school but until this time she can relax.

Panther swimsuit on Mercedes

Sexy asian girl is sitting on a red Mercedes sport car and she wears a panther pattern swimsuit. She maybe enjoys her vacation in a five star hotel or she is in a golf club now on some tropical island like Hawaii. Usually if Mercedes than the black is the good color but for her this car in red much better. If she get in this sport car and drives in this panther pattern swimsuit on highway than she could be an amazing predator on the road don’t you think?